Terms of Service

1.Purpose of this agreement

1.1. This agreement is the content and applications provided by Habi*do, which is an Internet site owned, managed and operated by Be&Do Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our/the company"). It defines the terms of use when using all services such as (hereinafter referred to as "this service").
1.2. The person who uses this service (hereinafter referred to as "user") shall comply with this agreement in good faith.

2. Definition

The meanings of the terms used in this agreement shall be as set forth as follows:

2.1. Habi*do
All internet websites that utilize the habi-do.com domain.
2.2. Content
A general term for copyrighted works, information, and knowledge such as images and texts uploaded to Habi*do.
2.3. Registred information
Information such as name and e-mail address that the user provides to the company when registrering or renewing in accordance with Part 6 of this agreement.
2.4. Registered email address
The e-mail address managed and used by the user provided to the Company during registration including changes made after the registration completed.
2.5. Password
When using this service, a character string to identify the person by collating with the registered e-mail address.
2.6. Post
Content to Habi*do by the user, thereby sharing the content with other users on Habi*do, or sends a message to other users (including "stamp", "done", etc.) through Habi*do. Further used as generic term for actions.

3. Scope and changes of this agreement

3.1. This agreement applies to all relationships between the user and our company regarding this service.
3.2. We may change this agreement as necessary.
3.3. Changes to this agreement shall take effect when the user is notified (see section 16. for the "notification" methods).

4. Handling of personal information

We will handle personal information appropriately as described on the "Handling of personal information"

5. Usage fee and period of this service

The usage fee and period of this service shall be based on individual contracts determined between the user's organisation and the company.

6. Application for use

6.1. Those who wish to use this service shall, after agreeing to the contents of this agreement, fill in the necessary items fully and accurately on the application form prescribed by our company and apply to our company.
6.2. The applicant is deemed to have agreed to the contents of this agreement.
6.3. When the company approves the usage application by the method prescribed by the company, the usage contract of this service based on this agreement shall be established between the user and the company.

7. Rejection application

7.1. If the applicant falls under any of the following, the application may not be approved.

(1) When the user or the representing organisation does not actually exist or there is a risk of this.
(2) When false matters are entered or omitted in the application form, or when there is a risk of such false entry.
(3) When there is a risk of violating Section 12 (prohibited matters).
(4) If you have previously been subjected to Section 13 (suspension and cancellation of use of this service).
(5) When applicable to (4) of Section 13.1 (suspension and cancellation of use of this service).
(6) When there is a risk of violating Section 15 (copyright, etc).
(7) When the payment of the usage fee has been delayed or the user has fraudulently tried to avoid it in the past.
(8) In addition, when there is a good reason for us to judge that useage of the serice by the user is inappropriate.

7.2. Even after approval of the usage application, if it is found that the usage applicant falls under any of the preceding paragraphs, the Company may revoke the approval. However, even if the approval is revoked, the user shall not be exempt from responsibilites of this agreement such as payment obligations.

8. Notification of changes

8.1. If there is any change in the content notified to the company at the time of application, the user shall notify the company of these changes without delay.
8.2. If the user fails to make the notification set forth in the preceding paragraph, we will not be liable for any disadvantages you may encounter using this service. In addition, even if the notification from our company is not read by the user, it will be deemed to have arrived as expected.
8.3. The Company may review the changes and temporarily suspend the use of this service or cancel the usage contract.

9. Communication methods

9.1. The user shall, at their own risk, maintain and manage the computer terminals, communication equipment, communication lines and other equipment necessary to use this service.
9.2. The communication line usage fee required for the user to use this service is not included in this service fee, and the user shall bear it themselves directly.
9.3. Downloading of contents, plug-in software, etc. shall be carried out at the user's own responsibility, and any potential damage resulting thereof shall be borne by the user.

10. Responsibility for managing registered email addresses and passwords

(1) The user must register an available e-mail address that belongs to their affiliated company, and when the user loses the right to the use of the registered e-mail address, they must change to a different email address.
(2) The user shall take measures to prevent unauthorized use of their registered e-mail address and password, and shall take full responsibility for its handling.
(3) The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of the registered e-mail address or password by a third party, unless the Company has conducted intentional or gross negligence.
(4) The user shall not allow a third party to use, transfer, lend or provide collateral for the registered e-mail address and password used for Habi*do.
(5) If the user becomes aware of the fact that the registered e-mail address and password have been stolen or used by a third party, the user shall immediately notify the Company to that effect.
(6) If the user forgets the registered e-mail address, this service may not be available.

11. User Responsibility

(1) The user shall use this service at their own risk, and shall bear all responsibility for actions taken on the site such as postings threads and comments.
(2) The user is responsible for the information of the content posted by the user using this service. We are not responsible for the content shared by the user using this service.
(3) If the user inflicts harm, infringes the privacy right by discloses the personal information of a third party without permission, or violates the Copyright Act (Act No. 48 of 1970), the user must resolve it at their own risk and expense, and the Company shall not be liable.
(4) The user recognizes that the Company is not obliged to save the information of the content posted using this service, and shall take measures such as saving the information of the necessary content separately if deemed appropriate.

12. Prohibited matters

When using this service, the user shall not perform the following acts. If you violate the prohibited items, we may take measures such as suspension of use, deletion of all or part of the content, or change of the disclosure range.

(1) Any act that infringes on the act of other people or companies.
(2) Acts that disclose or leak the personal information of others, such as their real names, e-mail addresses, addresses, and telephone numbers, to third parties, or acts that may bring about such results.
(3) Acts that unfairly discriminate or slander the Company or others, promote unfair discrimination against others, or damage their honor or credibility.
(4) Actions that cause financial damage or mental distress to the Company or others, or actions that may bring about such results.
(5) Actions that interfere with the management and operation of this service, or actions that may bring about such results.
(6) Actions that cause loss of trust in this service or actions that may bring about such results.
(7) Unauthorized use of another person's registered e-mail address or password.
(8) The act of impersonating another person while using this service.
(9) Acts of spreading harmful programs such as computer viruses to others through this service, or acts that may bring about such results.
(10) Criminal acts, acts that promote them, or acts that may bring about such consequences.
(11) Acts that violate laws and regulations in Japan and the country the user finds themselves in at the time of use.
(12) Acts that are offensive to public order and morals, acts that provide content that is offensive to public order and morals on this service, or acts that may bring about such results.
(13) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate as the manager / operator of this service.

13. Halt and suspension of use of this service

13.1. If the user falls under any of the following, the company will suspend the use of all or part of this service (including deletion of content) without prior notice. If it situation does not improve within the given period, all or part of this service use contract may be canceled.

(1) When applicable to (1) of section 7.1 (Disapproval of usage application).
(2) When in violation of section 12 (prohibited matters).
(3) When in violation of section 15 (copyright, etc).
(4) If a self-issued bill or check is revoked, foreclosed, provisionally seized, provisionally dispositioned, or tax delinquency, bankruptcy, start of liquidation, company reorganization procedure are declared. Further cases are a petition for the start of the civil rehabilitation proceedings and if there is any other reason that contracted organisation's circumstances have deteriorated.
(5) When the payment of the usage fee for using this service is delayed or fraudulently tried to be avoided, or when there is a risk of such.
(6) When interference with the operation of this service or damages the honorary credibility of our company occur.
(7) In addition, when there is a good reason for us to judge that the continued use is inappropriate.

13.2. Even if the use of this service is suspended or canceled according to the preceding paragraph, the user or representing organisation shall not be exempt from the liabilities of this agreement such as payment obligations caused by the use of this service.

14. Payment

14.1. The user shall pay the usage fee of this service to the company by any of the following methods.
(1) Bank transfer to a financial institution designated by the company.
(2) Other methods specified separately by the company.
14.2. Unless otherwise indicated, the user shall bear the consumption tax in addition to the usage fee.
14.3. The user shall pay the usage fee by the payment date set by the company.
14.4. If the user does not pay the price in accordance with this agreement within 30 days after the conclusion of the usage contract, the contract shall be treated as automatically canceled.

15. Copyright, etc.

15.1. The copyrighted works provided by this service are protected by copyright law.
15.2. The user shall be deemed to have licensed that the content can be used free of charge only within the scope for the purpose of improving this service. However, we will not process, analyze, edit, etc. the content for any purpose other than the purpose of improving this service. In addition, we will not disclose or provide the content to third parties.
15.3. The user shall not copy, modify, edit, distribute, etc. the copyrighted work provided by this service, regardless of whether it is for commercial purposes or not, without obtaining the prior written consent of the company. Further, the content licensed by the company shall only be permitted within this service.

16. Notifications to users

16.1. Notification to users can be made by any of the following methods at our discretion.
(1) We will send an e-mail to the registered e-mail address of the user used at the time of application or any replacement email address thereafter. In this case, the notification to the user is considered to be completed when the server that manages the user's e-mail address has been reached.
(2) In addition, the company may notify through alternate challes when deemed appropriate. In those cases, the notice will be deemed to have been completed when the company sends the notice.
16.2. If a written notification procedure is required by this agreement or related laws and regulations, it may superseed any written procedure by the procedure of (1) or (2) in 16.1.

17. Pause and termination of this service

17.1. The Company shall be able to suspend or terminate the provision of all or part of this service by notifying the user in advance or in the case of an emergency after any of the following reasons.

(1) When performing maintenance, inspections or emergency fixes of the system that provides this service.
(2) When a failure occurs in one of the systems necessary to provide this service.
(3) When it is difficult to provide this service due to power outages, fires, earthquakes, or similar.
(4) When there is a considerable operational or technical reason for this service.

18. About withdrawal

18.1. As a general rule, users and their representing organisation who wish to withdraw from the membership can withdraw by completing the withdrawal processing procedure.
18.2. Withdrawal will delete the user's registration information, content and posts.

19. Compensation for damages

19.1. If the user violates this agreement or causes damage to the company due to fraudulent acts, the company may claim appropriate damages from the user or their representing organisation.
19.2. If the user causes damage to a third party by using this service, the user shall resolve this at their own risk and shall not make the company bear any responsibility to them.
19.3. Regarding the results caused by the use of this service, we will inform the user and any other person of any malfunction or failure of the system that provides this service, intrusion into this system by a third party, dispute in commercial transactions, etc. Regardless of other causes, we shall not bear any responsibility unless the user or other person proves that the result is caused by a reason attributable to our company. In addition, if we are liable to the user based on this agreement, the amount of compensation of our company shall be limited to the amount of money that the user purchased the service that constitutes the cause of the compensation in any case. The Company shall not be liable for any other liability.

20. Dispute Resolution

20.1. If any dispute arises regarding the provisions of this agreement or matters not stipulated in this agreement, the company will discuss in good faith and commit to resolve the matter as smoothly as possible.
20.2. The Osaka District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the first instance for disputes regarding this agreement.

Handling of personal information

■ Business handling personal information

Be&Do Inc.

■ Personal information protection manager

Toyoki Hashimoto at Be&Do Inc.

■ Purposes of use of personal information.

The Company shall provide all services and related services such as contents and applications provided on Habi*do, which is an Internet site owned, managed and operated by Be&Do Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our/the company").
Habi*do is all internet websites that use the habi-do.com domain of internet sites. As such, if you use a different domain, it will be deemed a separate service.
We will use the personal information such as the customer's name and e-mail address acquired for the following purposes.

1. Be&Do Inc. will only use your private information for following purposes:

- In order to provide, maintain, protect and improve this service, such as acceptance of registration concerning this service, identity verification, calculation of usage fees etc.
- For notification of information on the content of this service, update information, event / campaign information, contract change.
- To respond to guidance and inquiries concerning this service.
- To respond to acts in violation of our company's terms and other regulations concerning this service.
- In order to prepare anonymous statistical data on the use of this service.
- For future improvement and development of functions related to this service.

2. Seminar application, document request, organizational diagnoses, personal information of inquiries or consultations:
Such as receiving, answering, and managing inquiries, applications, opinions, sending materials, providing guidance on our services, creating statistical data, etc.
3. Personal information of business partners
Such as to provide this service, contract procedures, sales / transaction management, provide information about this service, request various questionnaires to improve this service, reply to questions / consultations to our company, and to perform other similar organisational tasks.
4. Personal information of recruitment candidates / applicants
For recruitment selection, contact with the person, and execution of work equivalent to these.
5. Information on officers, employees, and retirees
For the execution of general affairs / personnel / labor management work and the work attached to them.

■ About provision of personal information to third-parties

We do not provide personal information you have provided to us, to third-parties without your consent, unless we are required to do so by the law, including in response to a law enforcement request supported by a valid court order.

■ About the storage and handling of personal information

We may consign your personal information to the partners due to business necessity such as information processing and maintenance. Regarding contractors, we are conducting appropriate management such as confirming the handling of personal information and concluding confidentiality agreement.

■ Personal information that is disclosed when inquiries are made

During an inquiry or request initiated by you, responses by our team may disclose private information when following requests are made: notification / disclosure / correction / addition / deletion / suspension / deletion of data related to you.
Inquires that handle personal information shall be made at following address:

Personal information consultation
Email: info@be-do.jp

■ Filling in personal information

Entry of customer information is optional for customers, but if you can not or do not want to enter required items, the application can not be completed and you may not be able to use the service.

■ Acquisition of personal information via method which you can not easily recognize

We use cookies to store session information such as your selected language for your convenience. All cookies are encrypted and can not be read by third parties and websites. Blocking or deleting cookies may lead to you not being able to use the Website.
No cookies do contain any personal identifiable information.
For information on your cookie settings, please view your browser's settings.

■ About safety control measures of personal information

We use industry standard security measures to ensure you personal information is safe and not leaked, as for example by having all connections using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted browsing for all logged-in users. However we cannot guarantee that all use will be secure. We also do not guarantee that the Website or any content provided on the Website is error free.

■ Privacy Policy

Please refer to the "Privacy Policy" page.

Privacy Policy

It is important for Be&Do Inc. (hereinafter also referred to as \"we\" or \"us\" or the \"company\") to properly manage personal information acquired from customers or various personal information of our employees regarding various tasks including support. Under the recognition that it is a social duty, we will strive to protect personal information by trying to restrict access according to japanese policies concerning the protection of personal information by the following means described on this page.

As of 1st of February 2015

Kazume Niwai
Representative Director
Be&Do Inc.

1. Management of personal information

We follow a system for properly protecting and managing personal information to comply with internal regulations concerning the proper acquisition, use and provision of personal information.

2. Acquisition and use of personal information

When acquiring and using personal information, the company clarifies its purpose of use, handles personal information appropriately within the scope necessary for achieving the specified purpose of use, and takes measures to prevent out of scope use taking place.

3. Provision of personal information

We do not provide personal information you have provided to us, to third-parties without your consent, unless we are required to do so by the law, including in response to a law enforcement request supported by a valid court order.

4. Outsourcing of personal information

The obtained personal information may be outsourced to the outside for the purpose of shipping direct mail, processing information and so forth. Upon consignment, we set the level of protection of personal information by business operators as to meet our safety measures and standard. We further, perform appropriate management and supervision.

5. Security measures for personal information

We implement appropriate safety measures against risks such as unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, damage, tampering and leakage. We rectify these measures promptly whenever it is judged that improvements are necessary.

6. Response to complaints and consultation of personal information

We offer a specific communication route for the sole purpose of dealing with consultation or complaints related to or including personal information.This route is setup to handle personal information and respond appropriately. Please find the contact information below.

7. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with laws on the handling of personal information, guidelines established by the japanese government, and other norms.

8. Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system

In order to maintain appropriate personal information protection, we established a personal information protection management system, conduct periodic audits on the operation, and strive for continuous improvement.

[Inquiries on personal information protection policy]

Be&Do Inc.

Nishitenmi Kita-ku 2-8-1 305,
530-0047 Japan

Phone number: +81 (0) 6-6948-8095;
E-mail address: info@be-do.jp

Personal Information Protection Manager: Toyoki Hashimoto